Until 2008, I worked as an EMT, and an Emergency Department Technician.  Prior to that, I worked as a volunteer firefighter, and at numerous low paying service sector jobs.  In 2009, I went back to college, earning an AA degree from Seattle Central Community College in 2010.  In 2012, I earned a BA from the University of Washington, with honors in Political Science.  In 2015, I earned a JD from Seattle University School of Law with a focus on labor and employment law. In 2015 I also became a member of the Washington State Bar Association.

Throughout my life I have been singularly focused on collective bargaining and workers’ rights plaintiff rights.  I first became aware of the necessity of workers’ rights advocates while working as a low wage service sector employee.  During my time as a first responder, in the field and the hospital setting, I was a member of Teamsters #763 and SEIU #1199 respectively.  During the course of my undergraduate career, I interned with OPEIU #8, and was involved with United Students against Sweatshop’s workers’ rights campaigns.  During law school, I worked as a legal intern both for Administrative Judge Steven Gaffin at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Solicitor’s Office of the Department of Labor.


In the past five years of practice, I started my own solo law firm right out of law school.  I have extensive litigation experience in the area of employment practice.  I regularly litigate cases in federal district courts, state superior courts, as well as federal and state administrative agencies.  I also do appeals in both  the Washington State Division 1 Court of Appeals, and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, including oral argument at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  During the Spring Semester of 2021, I will be an Adjunct Professor at Seattle University School of Law, teaching employment discrimination. 

In closing, I would like to offer my legal services to workers who are being taken advantage of.  Most of my life has been spent being a worker, not a lawyer.  I know the workplace, both in government and in the private sector, as a worker and a lawyer.  I have  witnessed or experienced most of the adverse employment situations I now represent clients on, and I witnessed and experienced them first hand as a worker.  I look forward to helping you get the justice you deserve.


  • Washington State Bar Association

  • Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington

  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals